In a recent post I talked about how you can incorporate your kids in your exercise schedule so not only you can keep your workouts consistent, but how you set a great example to them about keeping healthy and well.  If you missed it click here

Exercising with your partner can also be another way that allows you to be consistent with exercise.  You are not only spending time together but also keeping each other motivated and therefore feel less isolated in your fitness journey.

After all, its about keeping you both feeling fit and healthy to continue your travels TOGETHER for as long as you can.

So, in that spirit, I have developed a workout called: YOU GO, I GO!

One partner (P1) will complete their 10 reps while the other partner (P2) will hold the move. Then swap! (ie P1 will hold as P2 does their reps).

After you each hold and do the reps, move to the next pairing in the circuit.

Complete 3-5 rounds through the circuit, performing reps and holds on each move! For the unilateral (one sided) moves, hold and do reps on one side before switching.

Beginners, feel free to lower the reps to 5 as needed or use the many modifications I have shown you on FIT4theRoad


  • P1 – 10 reps/side Lunges – P2 – Glute Bridge hold
  • P1- 10 reps Push Ups – P2 -High Plank Hold
  • P1-10 reps Squat Jumps – P2- Squat Hold
  • P1- 10 reps/side Lying Leg Raises – P2- Side Plank Hold
  • P1-10 reps/side Mountain climbers – P2-Plank
  • P1- 10 reps squats – P2- Wall sit (against the van)

Want some guidance in a structured workout/exercise plan customised to suit your fitness level, goals and abilities? Why not consider my Online Personal Coaching.

Have niggling injuries or aches and pains that I can help you overcome to ensure you are Fit4theRoad and can continue your travels, get in contact with me to tailor a program of strengthening and rehabilitation exercise to have you back on track.

– Kerri