Spring is here and we all wanted to get in shape for summer. Combined with the lockdowns from our eventful year thus far, we are all keen to get back into some regular exercise or kick off a brand new routine! But there are a few things to consider before you rush back into it! IS YOUR BODY READY TO GO BACK TO IT If you have not done any exercise over the lockdown period or winter, you will need to review where your current exercise capacity is. Even if you have completed some at home workouts, your body might not spring back as you might expect once you decide to increase your intensity or get back to the gym. Make sure you start slow and get the right advice before jumping back into a more intense routine either at home or at the gym. We need to make sure we are exercising right for our current health and physical fitness because this may have changed significantly over winter and the lockdown period. By returning to a new or existing workout program too hard or too fast without a review of your current physical fitness status, some individuals may be placing their body at increase risk of serious injury which could be easily prevented with the right advice.  
YOUR FITNESS & STRENGTH LEVELS HAVE PROBABLY CHANGED For people that have done little to no exercise over winter and lockdown you will have experienced ‘detraining’ as a consequence. Research tells us that detraining can occur after just two weeks of not exercising in your usual manner with the same weights and intensity and affects your muscle strength, size and endurance. Detraining can lead to injuries if you attempt to jump back into your previous exercise routine after a period of no training or decrease in training load.  
GETTING THE RIGHT ADVICE CAN HELP If you have not been able to maintain your exercise over the Covid dramas and the colder months, your fitness level is likely to have changed, especially if you have previously been lifting weights. Need some advice on how to start working out again safety? Why not drop me a message or an email and we can discuss how we can gradually introduce exercises and intensity of workouts to reduce the risk of injury. Having a coach to guide you, ensure your routines are appropriate for your goals and offer moral support and guidance through weekly phone calls is what my Online Personal Coaching can offer you.