“Just do Something. Do your best to check the ‘movement’ box everyday.”

That’s typically my response when asked about how to deal with the challenges of exercising when you are on the road or leading a busy home life.

Different climates, different schedules, different campsites every few days can all represent potential barriers that can seriously challenge our resolve to move our bodies.

Resolving sore muscles, stiff joints and staying functionally active often means making time to do the things we don’t want to do. Everyone has an inner voice telling you to take a day off.

Develop the voice that tells you to step up.

The ultimate “success” for physical health means healthy joints, healthy heart and a healthy brain. Build a daily practice that reflects that goal.

You don’t always have to go hard. But you gotta go and do something. It could mean a short bodyweight resistance program, going for a walk, playing with the dog or working on your mobility.

Movement is an essential human need just like breathing, eating and sleeping. Don’t skip out on your daily dose.

The equipment I take on the road is certainly different to a gym. Having said that its just as effective in giving me a great workout no matter where I am.

So, step up and give your body what it deserves.

Here is a workout you can try out. 

Push-Up with kickback: 10 x 5
Lunges: 10 x 5
Tea towel pulldowns: 10 x 5

Band Squats: 10 x 5min (Every minute on the minute. Set timer to 5 mins and hit go, complete the 10 reps then rest for the remainder of the min, when the clock hits 4 mins complete another 10 etc)


If you have any questions about where to start, then drop me a message or join me for a workout. Hope to see you in your travels staying Fit 4 the Road.