Refunds Policy and Disclaimer

I warrant that my training and experience place me in an ideal situation for carrying out personal training, and for providing relevant training and nutritional advice.

Under Australian Law, I am required to ensure that any and all services I offer are carried out with due skill and care. All materials that I provide for your training (eg notes, emails, instructions etc) as part of my service must also be fit for purpose.

If I don’t meet these obligations, I understand that I am obliged to either a) repeat the service, or b) pay for someone else to carry the service out. I understand that should I fail to meet these obligations, you may be able to claim compensation for expenses incurred as a result, including loss or damage, and that I may be liable to incur this cost.

In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with my services, please speak to me in the first instance, as I do believe that communication is extremely important and that a satisfactory result can be obtained for both parties, without need for dispute.

Please be aware that I am not obligated to provide a refund for services provided if you change your mind (whether before, during, or after the service has been provided), and if you don’t have proof of purchase of one of my services.

If you fail to complete the instructions or accurately follow the advice given by me, no refund can be given, and no liability is held by me. All advice and instruction is given to you as is, and you must decide if you are able to safely act on those instructions. Always consult your Doctor before commencing a new training or exercise routine.