We are all like to travel at out own paces when seeing this great country.  Some people like putting in a big days drive to get to the next adventure while others like to limit their driving to a couple of hours a day.  Whatever your preference driving for long periods of time (or even just a couple of hours) without taking breaks can wreak havoc on the body. I don’t know about you, but at the end of a long drive, I can feel totally exhausted and then you have to set up camp!

There are actual physiological changes your body goes through on those long driving days; for both the driver and the passenger. For instance, your inactive lower body muscles send a signal to your brain to slow your metabolism. Your blood circulation slows as well, which leads to all sorts of ill-effects: foggy brain, raised blood sugar levels, fluid pooling in the lower legs, and inflammation, amongst many other joyful things. Google “sitting disease” and you can get all the gory details. So that post-drive sluggishness isn’t just me! It’s an actual “thing.”

We have had it drummed into us that we should stop every two hours for a rest to recharge the body and the brain, but what are the best ways to do this.  Why not try 10 minutes of being active. You could simply go for a walk, but that might get a little boring; plus it neglects our upper bodies. To keep things interesting, I have come up with a “rest stop recharge” workout for you to try.

Yes, you might get quite a few funny looks from fellow rest stop visitors; but it’s worth it. You’ll feel more energised, alert, and ready to hit the road.

I filmed it when we were pulled up at camp, so it can equally be done when you have had too much of the sitting around as well!


Complete each exercise for 30 secs before swapping over with your driving buddy.

You can complete 2 rounds of this mini circuit.  I between each circuit do a couple of laps around the car/van.

Combo 1 : Step ups + pushups: Complete 5 step up on the one foot before swapping feet!  Great for the glutes, as well as giving those chest muscles a bit of a stretch after all the sitting.

Combo 2: Lean in lunge with shoulder raise + Forearm plank and kick back: Getting those hips mobile is a must, together with a plank to strengthen the core.

Combo 3: Pass the bottle: This one will work on that core stability as well as give that upper back some mobility.

If you have any questions, just send me a message.

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